10 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins (2022)

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10 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

If you are looking for a great new tool to help make your website design process easier and more efficient, then why not try out the WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin? It’s free, and it can help give you more control and flexibility when designing your next WordPress website.

The WordPress Gutenberg editor offers a new way to use blocks. These are modular parts that you can add to your content to build pages and posts quickly. You can use these blocks for everything from adding images and videos to embedding dynamic content from other websites or even displaying custom forms.

However, with only the default blocks, you can still not create beautiful and amazing content for your site. Fortunately, there are a lot of developers working hard to create the best Gutenberg plugins that add more functionalities to this editor. In this post, we’ll take a look at the 10 best free WordPress Gutenberg plugins in 2022 that are more efficient.

What is Gutenberg block?

Gutenberg is the name of the new editor and the code name for WordPress’s long-term goal to modernize the content editing experience.

Gutenberg introduces a whole new way to design your page or post through blocks. These blocks can be added to any page or post, giving you more control over how your content is displayed to users.

WordPress blocks plugins to enhance your content

WordPress blocks are a way to add different types of content to your page or blog post. They can be anything from buttons, images, videos, links, and more. These plugins enhance your content nicely.

The WordPress block editor is an amazing tool for creating beautiful layouts. From columns, buttons, and images to galleries, quotes, and more! With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all these choices.

WordPress blocks plugins help you to create a better structure

Blocks are a new way to insert and arrange content on a web page. They’re similar to the widgets or shortcodes you might be familiar with. These plugins will help you add and organize different types of content for your website in a better way and make it look more attractive and professional.

WordPress Blocks and Plugins help you to create a better structure and design for your website. These plugins are also known as Gutenberg plugins. They help to create an advanced WordPress site or an e-commerce store.

WordPress blocks plugins to improve your readers’ experiences

WordPress block plugins can help you with both of these aspects of your blog. By adding appealing elements and making it easier for readers to find what they need, blocks can help you get more readers and keep them coming back for more.

WordPress blocks have improved the experience of creating and editing posts on WordPress. However, they’ve also opened up a huge range of possibilities for improving your readers’ experiences, too.

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Gutenberg blocks plugins are the future of WordPress

A block is a piece of content that can be placed anywhere on your site. It could be a paragraph, an image, or a video. What makes blocks so special is that they make it easy to create and edit pieces of content without needing knowledge of HTML or CSS.

The WordPress block editor is an important step for the platform, and as it matures, blocks can be used to create a huge variety of content types. The flexibility that blocks offer means that in a few years, we may see WordPress sites made up of entirely custom content types, That’s why WordPress’s future lies in blocks-based plugins. Below are the 10 best free Gutenberg block plugins for WordPress.

1. Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks is the most comprehensive Gutenberg blocks plugin and the best choice for any WordPress theme. Kadence Blocks plugin is an ultimate block toolkit. It has over 20 free blocks that can be inserted and customized on your site.

Overall, it’s a great tool for business owners and bloggers who want to increase their traffic, build stronger relationships with customers, and generate more leads and sales from their pages. In addition, the Kadence blocks plugin has some unique features such as pre-made page templates that help you get started quickly and easily without having to code anything yourself. Just drag and drop them into place!

2. Ultimate Blocks

The Ultimate Blocks plugin is a collection of essential Gutenberg blocks that are useful for creating any type of WordPress website. It works in all WordPress themes and is the best plugin to use if you want to develop beautiful landing pages without breaking a sweat.

It comes with a bunch of blocks that are specifically designed to help you create beautiful websites and landing pages on WordPress. You can use this block to add an eye-catching heading to your pages and posts. You can add a call-to-action button anywhere on your post or page with just one click. It’s free to use, but you get even more block templates if you upgrade to the pro version.

3. Gutentor Blocks

This plugin will help you to create WordPress post blocks with various templates and animations. You can choose any template from the library or use them in your existing posts. The library has many templates and designs which you can modify according to your needs.

The Gutentor Blocks plugin will provide you with all the tools you need to build dynamic and professional websites. Included in the Gutentor block WordPress plugin are over 40 ready-to-use blocks and over 70 pre-designed templates, which can be used as a starting point for your website design. The Gutentor plugin also supports the Gutenberg editor, so you can use it with Gutentor as well.

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4. Getwid Blocks

Getwid is a free Gutenberg block plugin that introduces new block categories for the WordPress editor. It’s developed and maintained by MotoPress. You can add additional Gutenberg blocks to create dynamic content, style your pages and posts, and more.

The plugin is easy to use and doesn’t require coding skills. Each block comes with a set of customizing options you can modify in the sidebar inspector. Also, the plugin gives you 20+ new Gutenberg blocks and allows you to create any type of layout with flexibility. You can add titles, icons, buttons, and call-to-action texts to each block.

5. PublishPress Blocks

PublishPress Blocks is a plugin that lets you write content using the new Gutenberg editor. This adds new blocks to the WordPress editor. The main feature of this plugin is that you can create your own custom blocks for your content.

Also, you can choose from several types of custom blocks. PublishPress Blocks gives you access to over 60 Gutenberg blocks and features. You can use these blocks to create professional-looking pages on your WordPress site.

6. Brainstorm Force Blocks

Brainstorm Force Blocks is a collection of Gutenberg blocks that are designed to help you create really nice websites using the Gutenberg editor. It has a number of useful blocks for building layouts and adding functionality to your site.

The Brainstorm Force Blocks plugin provides you with 15+ beautifully designed blocks that can be used to create stunning pages on your website. These blocks are designed to work perfectly with the WordPress block editor and look great on all kinds of websites.

7. Otter Blocks

Otter Blocks is a block collection plugin for Gutenberg. With these blocks, you can easily create beautiful pages without touching a single line of code.

The Otter Block is a set of content blocks for the Gutenberg editor. The plugin comes with ready-to-use content blocks such as accordions, buttons, contact forms, counters, menu sliders, and more.

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8. CoBlocks Blocks by GoDaddy

CoBlocks is a suite of Gutenberg blocks designed to give you more control and flexibility over your site. CoBlocks extends the new WordPress editor with extra styling options that are useful in most layouts, including wide and full-width blocks, highlight color options and grid columns.

This plugin was created by GoDaddy and contains a fantastic selection of content-focused blocks that make creating elegant pages an effortless process. CoBlocks is a plugin you can use to add blocks to your posts and pages. The blocks can be used to quickly build pages with a modern, clean look.

9. Custom Blocks Constructor by Lazy Blocks

You can use it to create your own custom blocks for the Gutenberg editor or migrate your page builder content to a new WordPress editor. The Lazy Blocks plugin allows you to build your own block templates with different HTML structures and controls. You don’t need to know how to code, and all changes are visual.

With Lazy Blocks, you can add any type of content and make it fully customizable from the site admin. The Lazy Blocks plugin provides a set of tools to easily create custom Gutenberg blocks for WordPress. Using this plugin, you can create simple blocks as well as complex and configurable ones using a visual constructor.

10. News & Blog Designer Pack

The News & Blog Designer Pack is not a Gutenberg blocks plugin, but a WordPress blog design plugin to create custom layouts for your blog and news page. This plugin allows you to create a page layout with different types of content, like the latest posts, categories, tags, authors’ posts, etc., and it also allows you to show this content in grid or slider format.

The News & Blog Designer Pack is an advanced WordPress plugin that gives you complete control over your content and will allow you to create any design layout for your news and blog pages with unlimited possibilities.


WordPress Gutenberg plugins will let you create seamless blocks and full-width widgets, which was not possible before. These new layouts and blocks with various functionalities make WordPress much more flexible and easier to use.

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