10 Tips to Increase Google AdSense Earnings (2022)

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10 Tips To Increase Google AdSense Earnings

AdSense’s income is one of the most common ways to make money online, but what are the main reasons that your AdSense revenue is low? Our aim in this article is to answer this question and then provide you with some methods to increase your Google AdSense earnings quickly.

Google AdSense is the most popular and reliable advertising network with enormous targeted traffic. It’s a great way for any website owner to monetize their websites or blogs. Increasing your AdSense earnings will increase the income coming into your house. The amount of earnings a blogger or website owner makes from Google AdSense depends on the number of impressions and clicks they receive.

Only by increasing the number of clicks, and impressions, you can increase the income of Google AdSense. Keep in mind that if there are no impressions and clicks on your blog or website, then you will not get good income from Google AdSense. The following are 10 proven tips to increase Google AdSense earnings quickly.

1. Make your website free of errors

Checking your website periodically for errors is crucial to ensure that the site functions properly, and its users can navigate around easily. It also helps you present a professional image to your customers, Your AdSense earnings increase slowly if you fix errors on the website.

And, the more errors you have on your website, the harder it is for Google’s spiders to find and index your site, which means that even though you might appear high in Google’s search results, other sites may still have a better chance of earning money.

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2. Be sure your site is fast

A slow-loading page can drive visitors away because it prevents them from quickly accessing the information they need. If a page takes too long to load, users may close it and look for another website that provides the same information faster.

It’s important to test your web pages’ loading speeds using various tools available on the internet to see how they perform in different conditions. It is important to speed up your website without breaking Java scripts because Google AdSense code runs on JavaScript.

3. Be sure your site is mobile-friendly

The first thing the online users will notice on your website is its design. A website that has an attractive design definitely gets more visitors than a website that is poorly designed. Website design plays a vital role in all types of businesses.

If you are looking to increase your Google AdSense revenue, it is important for you to create a good-looking and mobile-friendly website. It is safe to say that the professional look and feel of your website can decide the future course of your business.

4. Write for the human reader first

If you want to increase your income from Google AdSense, then choose a niche topic for your blog and select some keywords related to it that people search more. In this way, people will come to your blog and click on the advertisements because they will find useful information there according to their needs.

If you really want to make a huge amount of money from Google AdSense, you need to focus on producing high-quality content. The better your content, the more people will visit your site, and the higher the number of ad impressions that will be served.

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5. Target high CPC keywords in your content

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and easily accessible online business models a blogger or website owner can have. Target high CPC keywords in your content, high CPC keywords are the ones that pay the most per click. They’re also keywords that people search for more often, so you’ll get a lot of eyeballs on your page if you rank well for them.

Some high CPC keywords are searched for millions of times per month these are extremely competitive keywords, and they’ll be hard to rank for. You can find a list of high CPC keywords in Google Keyword Planner or Wordstream’s free keyword tool. Find a few terms that have a low competition score and write about them. We have listed below a few high CPC keywords for AdSense:

  1. Insurance — $54.90 CPC
  2. Loans — $45.28 CPC
  3. Mortgage — $47.12 CPC
  4. Attorney — $47.09 CPC
  5. Credit — $36.06 CPC
  6. Lawyer — $42.51 CPC
  7. Donate — $42.02 CPC
  8. Degree — $40.61 CPC
  9. Hosting — $31.91 CPC
  10. Software — $35.29 CPC
  11. Classes — $35.04 CPC

6. Place your ads above the fold

It is important to get your AdSense the best and highest-paying ads. The most important thing about getting more clicks and earning more money on Google is that you need to place your ads in the right places on your pages so that they get seen by your visitors. This means placing your ads where people can see them at first glance.

It has been proven that placing the ad unit above the fold is one of the best ways to increase click-through rate (CTR). What is meaning above the fold? Above the fold means anything placed at the top of a page before visitors have to scroll down.

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7. Place your AdSense ads in the sidebar

Make sure that your ads are visible and can be easily clicked on by the users. Place your ads in the sidebar, as it’s one of the most important places to place your ads. Try to use different ad types like display ads, native ad units, or image-based ads.

If you have a blog or website, then you can place AdSense ads in the sidebars of your website. This way, your visitors will easily see these ads and click on them. This is the best way to increase your Google AdSense earnings through CTR, then placing your Google AdSense in sidebars, because is one of the strategies that would work well for you.

8. Place AdSense ads in the middle of content

So if you’re struggling to get a decent amount of ad revenue on your site, placing AdSense ads in the middle of content should be considered. You want to make the most of your AdSense ad units by placing them in positions that users are more likely to click on. The optimal spot is right after the first or second paragraph of the text.

If you put AdSense ads in the middle of the content, they will get more impressions and clicks. This is because people will see the ad before they leave the page. If you put more than three or four ads on a page, it will negatively affect your readers.

9. Use native ad unit at the bottom (AdSense Multiplex Ad)

The native ad unit (AdSense Multiplex ad) is a new feature offered by AdSense. Native ads are great since they blend in with the format of the website. In general, they can attract a lot more clicks compared to regular banner ads since they appear less intrusive and more of an added value to the user.

Native advertising is a new trend in the advertising industry, where it is increasingly hard to distinguish content from ads. This creates unfamiliarity for users and poor performance for advertisers. Read this, if you want to know about AdSense multiplex ad unit.

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10. Try different ad sizes whenever possible

Google AdSense is a great way to make money, but it can be frustrating if you don’t get the most out of your advertisements. All of the ads that Google serves on your website are not necessarily performing equally well. Some might perform better than others, and you need to figure out what works best for you.

In order to make more money with AdSense, you have to try out different AdSense ad formats and see which one works best for your website.

FAQs on how to increase Google AdSense earnings

Why are my AdSense earnings so low?

A drop in traffic can be caused by a variety of factors, including irrelevant ads and invalid clicks, or even a decrease in the cost-per-click for a specific keyword. It is necessary to determine the cause at a site-by-site level or account-by-account.

How to increase AdSense earnings?

It is recommended that you use a plugin to manage ads on your site, create content-rich sites, target the right keywords, follow ad placement best practices, run A/B tests with your ads placements, follow ad style best practices, and follow ad placement best practices.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

An average of $1-20 is paid for every 1,000 views in AdSense. There are several factors that determine how much you earn per thousand views on a website, including the category of the website, the type of content you provide, the amount of site traffic, the location of the users, and the way Google AdSense is set up.

How much can I earn with AdSense?

AdSense earnings are hard to calculate since they depend on the niche of your blog, the demographics of your traffic, the ad placement, and the ad type.

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Making money with Google AdSense is not difficult, provided that you have the right tools. But to really maximize your profits, you need to optimize your site for AdSense and use proven techniques. Hopefully, the above tips will assist you in increasing your earnings soon.

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