10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools (2022)

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Social media has become a serious part of the online marketing mix. Social media monitoring tools are designed to track online discussions and mentions on social media sites, so they are a great way to keep tabs on what is going on in your industry.

Social media monitoring is an important part of managing a company’s online presence. It means that you can track all kinds of things, from brand mentions to competitor activity or product-related services or brands.

Social media sites are always changing, it’s very hard to manage all channels, which is why it is important to use the best social media management tools. Below are the 10 best social media monitoring tools that will help you monitor your business, your competition, and your personal life.

1. Hootsuite Social Media Tool

Hootsuite allows users to organize multiple social media accounts in one place, whether that be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or many others. You can create a single update for multiple accounts or send dedicated messages to specific contacts. Hootsuite also offers analytics capabilities, so you can monitor what works and what doesn’t when it comes to this microblogging phenomenon.

Overall, Hootsuite is a great choice if you’re looking for a low-cost social media monitoring/management tool. The analytics are comprehensive, the team features are advanced, the scheduling capabilities are unparalleled, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

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2. Sprout Social Media Tool

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media monitoring tool that isn’t just useful to agencies, it’s useful for any social savvy business as well. This is a great platform for scheduling posts, interacting with current followers and potential customers, and keeping an eye on your competitors and industry news.

Sprout Social is such a powerful social media management tool that has changed the way many brands and businesses track, analyze, and engage with their audiences. If you want to check out what is going on in the social media world, or you want to analyze your own progress, Sprout Social is a great platform to do so.

3. Buffer Social Media Tool

Buffer is a great solution if you’re looking for a social media monitoring tool that also takes care of your analytics. Better yet, the free version of Buffer will cover most of your needs, with only some more advanced options being locked behind a paywall.

Overall, the Buffer social media tool is some of the best social media monitoring software on the market today. You can easily share and discover new content, get insights into your followers, and much more. This makes it ideal for those who just need to manage their time across multiple networks and don’t have marketing needs that exceed the free tier.

4. BuzzSumo Social Media Tool

Although BuzzSumo is a bit more narrowly-targeted than some other options on this list, it’s a powerful social media search tool that can be used effectively in multiple applications. Moreover, the data that comes in through BuzzSumo is of exceptionally high quality, and it offers you a detailed look at your competition’s presence on various channels.

It’s one of the simplest tools to use, but it does a good job of helping you keep tabs on what people are writing about. Of course, for such a simple concept, there are other tools that do the same thing just as well.

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5. MeetEdgar Social Media Tool

The best social media monitoring tools are an invaluable asset to any marketer. They allow you to track, review, and analyze your social media performance and ensure that there is always relevant content being posted on your profiles.

If you’re looking for the best social media monitoring tool, so you can quickly and easily grow your audience? MeetEdgar might be the right social media tool for you. Their array of social media analytics tools makes it easy to keep an eye on your content and your competitors while gaining referrals.

6. Sendible Social Media Tool

The powerful, easy-to-use social media management tool Sendible allows you to monitor multiple accounts simultaneously, including Facebook, Twitter, and other major platforms. It allows you to keep up with what your audience is saying about your content, as well as shows how people are reacting to your brand.

Sendible features a unique set of features that are not yet found in other social media monitoring tools. Some of the standout features are their alerting module, for example, which allows you to create and manage alerts on a large number of Twitter accounts from the free Sendible app.

7. SocialPilot Social Media Tool

As you can see, it’s amazing how many social media channels there are and how hard it is to stay on top of them all. At the same time, your business will usually only care about a handful at most. 

SocialPilot monitors multiple profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. They also keep track of your followers and what they are posting. They have a valuable resource if you are managing multiple social media accounts or keeping up with brand mentions on your own.

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8. Agorapulse Social Media Tool

Choosing the right social media monitoring tool can be an incredibly tedious process. Fortunately, it’s one that you won’t have to face alone. Agorapulse will help you better manage your social media efforts, ensuring that your posts are viewed when they should be while making sure that they reach the widest part of your target audience.

Agorapulse helps in your business, and marketing, it’s an all-in-one tool for scheduling tweets and Facebook updates, but it also does a great job of tracking what your followers are saying about your brand.

9. Audiense Social Media Tool

Audiense is probably the most comprehensive social media monitoring tool on the market. It offers a wide range of insights about your brand and the presence of your competitors. It’s perfect for social media marketing teams, whether you’re running multiple accounts or looking to keep track of industry trends.

Audiense has a huge number of features that allow you to monitor your competition on major social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. It also lets you monitor user-generated content, so you can check for online conversations about your brand or industry.

10. IFTTT Social Media Tool

IFTTT Social Media Tool is a handy little app that does everything you would expect from a social media monitoring tool, and it does so without any major issues. There’s no critical account structure or many of the other features you might find in more complex tools, but IFFTTT Social Media Tool has what it needs to get the job done.

With the free app on IFTTT, you can build chains of recipes to keep tabs on new mentions and stories relevant to your interests. This mash-up tool will do a lot of work for you, so you can spend more time being proactive with your marketing efforts.

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FAQs on Social Media Marketing

What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring tools help businesses monitor their brand’s online reputation and performance across various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. These tools allow companies to track mentions about them on these channels, analyze conversations happening around their brand, and find out what people think about their products and services.

How do I know if my business should use social media monitoring tools?

If you want to make sure your company’s image stays positive and doesn’t get negative comments, then you need to check how your brand is perceived by your customers. You can use social media monitoring tools to find out where your brand stands among its competitors and what kind of feedback you receive from your audience.

Do social media monitoring tools work?

Yes! There are many studies showing that using social media monitoring tools helps businesses improve their marketing strategies. According to a study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, “Social media monitoring tools have been shown to increase sales by 20% and customer satisfaction by 10%.”

Are social media monitoring tools expensive?

No! Most of the time, they are free to use. However, some of them may require monthly subscriptions.

Is social media monitoring legal?

Yes. Many countries have laws that protect consumers from false advertising. In addition, social media monitoring tools are not considered illegal since they only provide information about brands and their products.

Can I use social media monitoring tools without any training?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial account and start monitoring your brand’s performance.

Which social media monitoring tool should I choose?

There are many different types of social media monitoring tools. We already shared a list above. Each of them offers different features and functionality. To decide which one is best for your business, you need to consider several factors. First, look at the price. Then, take a look at the number of users who can access the platform. Next, consider the type of data you want to collect. Finally, ask yourself whether you want to use the tool on a mobile device or a desktop computer.


We hope that this article about the best social media tools has helped to make social media monitoring a bit more manageable for you. As we mentioned earlier, there are more options out there for you to choose from than ever before. While these tools can be beneficial, it’s important to realize that some of them may not fit your needs perfectly.

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